I had the idea for Nutritional Ninjas while working in a primary school teaching drama. The school had a fantastic cookery room but it was rarely utilised and the children often said how they loved to cook. After speaking to lots of different children, parents and schools, as well as thoroughly researching what else was out there I decided to dive straight in and launch Nutritional Ninjas and haven’t once looked back.

My favourite thing about Nutritional Ninjas is being able to equip the children with skills that they didn’t even realise they were missing. I love when the children change their perceptions of different tastes and flavours, for example when we made Chocolate Beetroot Brownies all of the children were convinced that they were not under any circumstances putting beetroot in their brownies, however they left the class covered in chocolate having eaten half of the mix; excited to share their beetroot brownies with their families.

Lizzie and Lauren have worked together since they were fourteen years old, she says: ‘When Lauren first mentioned the idea for Nutritional Ninjas I was on board straight away. I feel that teaching children essential life skills is incredibly rewarding and something I am very proud of.’

Lizzie is passionate about teaching children that no food is ‘bad’ food as long as it’s in moderation. She looks forward to when the children say ‘this is unhealthy’ when it comes to the sweet dishes; so that she can explain to the children about a balanced diet. 

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